I am giving away one of my decorative rag doll “Violette” handmade decorative purpose only due to small piece, perfect for a little girl’s room on shelves or hanging on wall


The giveaway will end 03/15/2013 at midnight east coast time. Leave a comment on my blog or my Facebook page here

One lucky winner only!!
Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. sunemoonsong says:

    The thing i love best about this doll is the feathers from her head. (I think..) you shaved them and then dyed them.. am I right? Because i think it would be hard to find so many different things in the same color! But you did, all her accouterments are so well matched. Been looking through your blog for a while, and love the colors in all your drawings! I would love to give Violette her forever home!

  2. Courtney Johnson says:

    I used to collect dolls that looked sort of like her as a kid. That is what made me want to try this giveaway. Good Luck to Everyone!

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