Cloth paper scissor published


I am existed my paper fabric 3D bra will be published in the September mag

announcing the cloth paper scissors “supportive art” finalists!

14 May 2012

What a great mix of art we received! It was difficult to choose our finalists, but we did and would like the following artists to send their Supportive Art to our Sudbury office by June 4th.

    1. Pascale Cerdan-McCartt
      Orinda, CA
    1. Carol Oxford
      Tulsa, OK
    1. John Blessent
      Colbert, WA
    1. Arlene Wanetick
    1. Kat Cunningham
      Florence, OR
    1. Jan LaFollette
      Hubbarb, OR
    1. Nancy Behan
      Wells, ME
    1. Catherine Clark
      Mountain, OR, Canada
    1. Sarah Anderson
      Cheshire, England
    1. Linda Ortiz
      Morro Bay, CA
    1. Sandy Martin
      Farmington, NM
    1. Zesta E. Slater-Ross
      El Segundo, CA
    1. Lolo Sinclair
      Brooktondale, NY
    1. Kay Hand
      Sugar Land, TX
    1. Margaret Wade
      Paris, AR
    1. Lisa Murray
      Chippewa Falls, WI
    1. Amanda Rager
      Marathon, WI
    1. Bev Allaire
      Walnut, CA
    1. Lori Leissner
      Ovalo, TX
  1. Candy Tutt
    Woodland, CA

I just went to the bookstore to get the new mag and here it is :

Here are some pics of my creation and will be published in the September issu of cloth paper scissor magasine










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