Just playing around with some fun app on my iPad and also my favorite photo editing pic monkey

Mason photo collage with

I also Used



2 thoughts on “Today

  1. julia christine stephen says:

    I’m probably making myself look stupid, but here I go anyway. I keep going back and forth about the ipad. Can you do most of what you do on the computer, on your ipad; writing posts, surfing the net, editing photos ect…? thanks for any info you can give me. I just love all your work, I make me ūüôā

  2. pascale cerdan says:

    Well I used my iPad 2 for everything writing my blog with WordPress app, photo editing with PS express, the only time I need to open a real pc is when I need to download my photo but soon I will buy an adaptator to plug directly from camera to iPad, so everything is fantastic except!!!!!! That’s the bad , I can not use picmonkey to edit with iPad I have to use a pc or Mac, whatever you use, I wish picmonkey would create something to work with ioad because I really love that program and it’s free, even actually if I had to pay something for the year I will use it,
    Otherwise I surf the net yes, write as I said my blog, sometimes I can not open a website because ir request flash player, but I guaranty you in months or year we will be able to do everything with the iPad
    Thank you for your interest let me know if you want more details

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