Crochet pendant light

This one was very fast to do, I think it took me two hours from start to finish.
I bought a long time a go this very inexpensive wire basket, you usually used for hanging flower outside… Well I never did so I had to take a different use for it!

I took the chaine off

I had this beautiful soft wool cream color, perfect for that

The start,

After looking at my work on the basket I decided to cover the wire basket with some Muslim fabric because my crochet was so big and opened I could see the black wire under, so with a little bit of hot glue I recover the base

The pendant is almost finished beside the way I want to hang it, well my Dear friend brought me from Napa in an antique tore a old steel farmer pulley and I really want to use with this pendant to add a rustic, industrial feature to it…. For now you are just seeing it the pendant and hopefully soon the rest
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