San Francisco Renegade Fair!

Oh what a wonderful day we had with Fiona!
Some of the booth were amazing, not only the products but the way the artist were presenting their marchandise, the tags, the business card, the wrapping!!
What did I love the most

A wonderful little word, so cute so creative, I was amazed by The talent!

Oceguera, felted pillows from woolen sweaters and more! I had to buy one, unfortunatly its already wrap for tonigh, I will show you a pic after the holidays. But its similar to this one’



Crystalyn Kae
Beautiful handbags!!!
Beautiful fabric, stationery!

I think for this one I was just amazed bythe beauty if her work! Those creations were so intense for me I could just have stay for hours in front on them!
Lisa Swerling

Well, i think the best way to describe the fair its to said that one again it was amazing, so many different artist and products….


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