Halloween goodies bags done!!

I am finally done with the 21 bags for Aidan’school.
i did not do a real tutorial ( maybe in a future I should), but I took a bunch of photos to show you the progress. Its a very easy project and my only advice will be to buy a lot of glue sticks!!!

My wonderful friends help me to collect kitchen roll to be the actual box for the goodies. I covered them with black crepe paper.

Then I add a piece of purple fabric around for the skirt, everything glue gun.

Then the head! Roll a piece of newspaper in a ball kind of shape and cover it with a piece of white fabric, glue eyes and with a fabric 3D paint add the mouth. For the hair i just cut some wool and glue on top.
Glue gun also the hat.

I also made a bloom with yarn and wooden stick that I attached at the end on the front of the skirt.

Add the goodies inside and close with a black circle (same as hat) using hot glue, voila!!


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