A mother

Growinp up and now as myself a mother, I see the reflection of my own mother inside me. The “yes”, the “no”, the cooking, the laundry hanging outside…like a constant wind pushing in the days where nothing stop. My heart goes today to you: Maman! My dear mother letting us pick up the milk at the farm after school. Letting us watching her cooking, cleaning, organizing, make us feel better after a cry…. Oh what a wonderful mother!

Today I am asking myself if my kids will think the same later.

Yes! That’s right, they will!! Of course they will because no matter what there is always a little good thing you will remember. Just the fact that she gave birth to you that is the first touch we had, the first contact so precious… So for all of you who have or had so valuable good memories of your mom, just think about the moment you were born…. This second only, and you will see how beautiful your mother was to give you th

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